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From the recording WILD PLUM JAM

This song was just as it happened, and people still come out in late July and make two kinds of jam, plum and music, and enjoy homeade biscuits and campfire. It's the best!


Wild Plum Jam words and music by Deb E. Dee copyright 1997 I'm gonna smoke While the sun is hot. I'm gonna make love While we can. I'm gonna drive Down these dusty roads. Don't wanna fight with My old man. And it's a Fine ind of livin': Makin' wild plum jam! In the red hot Texas summer I take a Firewheel by the hand, And he helps me in the campsite kichen. We be bangin' those Pots and pans While the fiddle plays in the burnin' days of wild plum jam. (FIDDLE SMOKES) You bite a wild plum early- Your mouth won't open For a week. You bite a plum that's ripe and ready-rock steady- That juice be Sugary sweet And it's a fine kind of livin' Makin' wild plum jam. In the red hot Texas summer I take a Firewheel by the hand , And he help me In the campsite kitchen; We be pickin' them Seeds and stems While the fiddle plays In the burnin days of Wild plum jam- Wild plum jam..... Wild plum jam........