This is a Song about me and Blaze Foley, when we used to hang out and Jam at my house on Jewell Street in South Austin. We were just good friends, and I offered him a couch and a meal sometimes, and we enjoyed jamming together. Charlie Roth and Paula Held did it justice. . I am so humbled. How could I deserve this . All is through and belongs to the Great Spirit of Love. I was the woman Blaze gave his hat to before he died, the famous ET hat. I was moved to tears when Charlie Roth and Paula Held Graced The Butterfly Garden at tha Kerrville Folk Festival . The songbirds there were some kind of inspiration, and loved the music and would accompany us there. I cant thank you enough, Paula and Charlie . This song iis on Roths Album "Broken Ground" , Available here: .For more of Ms. Helds wonderful music :


Where the Songbird Sings by Charlie Roth and Paula Held On a cities fringe it's worn out streets holes in his pockets nothing to eat he found salvation in her angel wings she said come sit where the songbird sings take my food take my bed fill your plate rest our head you'll be whole when daybreak brings you back again where the songbird sings Ooooo you will fly Oooo you will cry She will you neath her welcome wings Its a temple there where the songbird sings When the songbird sings youll find shelter From the angry wind your search is over Gather all when her church bell rings Its a temple there when the songbird sings so listen well when the songbird sings dip your cup in its healing springs its a fountain of perfect love you'll find wings where the songbird sings