Written and performed at a sunrise service for the homeless that had died on the streets of Austin. I had composed the song on the spot while waiting for sevice and to do the scheduled performance. . I had just been approached by a police officer and given a warning about storing my belongins in a public park (I had a backpack and a guitar). Had people not begun showing up soon for the service, at which various dignitaries, including the then mayor of Austin, Kirk Watson, were scheduled to expound in front of the cameras, I would have been jailed or at least ticketed.I had come across the river from a downtown gig that had ended at 3:00 am, gone to Magnolia Cafe on south Congress for coffee and then went to the Fannie Bryce Gazebo on Town lake, where the service and subsequent breakfast( thanks very much to those volunteers who provided food for this service) were to be held, to wait for the sun to come up, and just before the sun came up,I saw the moon on the water in the lake. When the dignitaries arrived, I sang this song for them, and every year for several years running, although life has kept me from attending for the last couple of years. This version recorded by me in Blanco County, Texas, up on the hilltop, is a simple and straightforward. There is another version recorded by my friend Matt Meighan to benefit an organization on the west coast called " Sisters of the Road", and I think he does a fine version. You can also hear that one a t http://www.mattmeighan.com. Please listen to Matt's other great songs there, too. I urge other artists that will do it justice as has Matt to cover it, in hopes of bringing attention to the problem of people dying on the streets of our major cities, which is a grievous national disgrace.I pledge to donate half of any applicable songwriting royalties to prevent homelessness.The other half must go toward preventing my own homelessness, for in my ongoing struggles with homelessness both in Texas and New Mexico, it has been way too hard, and I still , though I have a home here in beautiful Santa Fe County,  on the far South Side of Santa Fe, it is not always liveable and my social security is a pittance, and I am now in a wheelchair, having been physically disabled since childhood. I hope I have done my time in that rodeo, but the life of an independent woman musician who is not famous is always marginal, and I when I wrote this ll  was camping out under a pole barn, albeit one with a telephone wire, and considered myself very lucky. Much haschanged for me, over the years, but know that the homeless who would give me their last dollar to hear their favorite song whilst some wealthy people would go so far as to spit in my guitar case, instead of walk twenty feet to an ATM because I don't take credit cards and nothing is for sale. So yes. Most people are closer to homelessness than most would imagine. I have recorded this song too, but don't have many copies left, though I often play it on the street. 


THE WHITE ROSE OF BLACK TOWN LAKE words and music by Deb Deb E. Dee G G7 C F C Oh the ones here remembered; oh do they still cry? G C F G D D7 Do they see us as ghosts- is the chasm so wide? G G7 C F C No, the veil between worlds is as thin as a sigh G C G D D7 G And for all that we know, they are here by our side. E E7 Am C Not lost; not homeless, just dead to lies. G C G D G D7 G G Em D In delicate visions, your masks are on fire. G C G G7 C F C Well, I have good friends but they're all stressed out. G C G D D7 Though their home is crowded, they've offered their Couch. G G7 C F C I don't think I can add to their problems right now; G C G D D7 G I'll go down to the water that divides this town. E E7 Am C Not lost; not homeless, but now I find G C G D D7G Em D G .... That not having shelter has become a crime. Inst.Break G G7 C F C So, come down to the water if you would partake G G D D7 Of the lovely white rose of the black Town Lake. G G7 C F C When the wind stirs the moon on the water, it breaks G C G D F G Into shiny white petals that fall into space. E E7 Am C {Not lost; not homeless, this world is mine- G D D7 G But I can't take credit for how the light shines} x 2