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From the recordings THE DANCER and 909

I just found this unreleased copy of a cassette album,'909' recorded in 1986, just after my move to Austin in 1984.The Daddycats here are Leo King, Harmonica and electric guitar, Larry Allen on bass, Deb E. Dee on piano, keys and guitar, and all vocals, and Noah Ramirez on drums. It was produced by me(Deb E. Dee) and David Johnson, the recording engineer. I had thought it lost forever after the original analogue 16 track master tape disintegrated during a last ditch effort to save it, and I thought all was lost, but what should turn up but an old cassete in the Austin Salvation Army Thrift Store bin, and here it is, digitalized. It sounds a little funky due to the source, but I would like to explore some modern technology to bring it as close as possible to the original sound. It was recorded at Keylight Studios in a garage in South Austin. I had originally tried to release it on vinyl, but the vinyl did not turn out well, and my master tape was held hostage for a year, as the major labels tried all the wrong ways to get my attention. When I finally recieved the vinyl, it was slowed down, speeded up and had had all the eq removed, totally,and the vinyl test copies I sent back for correction were returned to me unaltered with the same mark on the label I had placed there when I sent them back, ( I had provided a well mixed master tape to the manufacturer), so it was never released, thought I did make a few tapes.This was the Album that Paul Sessums of Austin's famed Black Cat had said 'This is the best album to come out of Austin that year (1986). Twenty years later, I prepare to release it. The release date details to follow! I wrote this song the day after the night I had decided I was not going to write anymore pretty songs.I was going to go totally punk. I could no longer see the stars at night, due to atmospheric and light pollution n the city of Dallas, and I felt trapped. The very next morning, I was hanging clothes on the clothesline and I heard this song clearly and completely in my mind. By the time I had gotten to the end of the clothesline, and had the clothes all hung out to dry, I had the song in it's entirety and went inside to write it down. Soon after , a beautiful way opened for me to come to the hill country of Texas, and I have learned not to look back.


Run and go; You run and go like running gold, You run just like a dancer Comin'around. Caught and held you, Bought to sell you But only pretty jewels can make the dancer move around. Only the sparkling diamonds of ght's black skies shine Like beautiful eyes Out upon some sad highway A dancer almost sold her Dreams today, For a puppet's royal crown. I'll unwind thyat silken twine; The marionette is undone ; Let the dancer take a bow. And only the sparkling diamonds of night's black skies shineLike beautiful eyes..... Ooooohhh.... Instrumental Well I love the way You move today; I'ts you who knew th only way To melt my Crystaline heart. You seduced the muses and you slipped their Jewels of music Into all your fine parts. And only the sparkling Diamonds of night's black skies Shine like beautiful eyes.... ...Oooohhh..... La,la la la la .......