From the recording ROCKS ALONG THE WAY

This is the simplest song, just Deb and a guitar and Jeff Hogan on Tambourine.It was the first song recorded on Deborah Marie Doolan and Chief Rock, and it was recorded in Jeff's Blanco County Studio on analogue. 'Rocks Along the Way' originated one cold Sunday morning in late winter on the Hill here in Blanco, Texas. Deb went for a walk. It was just past dawn , and there was a freezing drizzle which coated the colorful flint rocks along the way, the icy glaze bringing out their beautiful colors, and the the rocks seemed to tell the stories of the people who had been here before, the Lipan Apache, the Tonkawa, and the Comanche. Deb feels a wonderfully loving connction with the rocks of the land, and as she walked, looking at the rocks, she heard this song in her head, and came back and wrote it down.


Rocks Along the Way words and music by Deb E. Dee copyright 1997 A good day... I saw some rocks along the way. I asked them what they had to say- because I knew they'd tell the Truth, tell the Truth, tell the Truth, tell the Truth. They said 'Red, and green and orange and blue and gold, purple and lavender also, and black and white and indigo, indigo ,indigo, indigo, indigo. Like the rocks, we have to do the hard thing, too. Ain't it the hardest thing to do- to have to face up to the Truth, to the Truth, to the Truth, to the Truth, but justice says "The U.S.A. has killed my friends; red women, children and red men, and they are still killing them, killing them , killing them, killing them, killing them, but I will work; work for the healing of this land. I teach my children: Use your hands, and head and feet and heart to save our home for we are the very rocks we break apart. Our crystals bloom on Freedom's tree to sow the seeds of love and peace, love and peace, love and peace, love and peace-LOVE AND PEACE>>>>>