From the recording QUEEN OF THE GYPSY KINGS

The story tells itself, but I originally learned this song from my dear departed friend Lisa Miles. Lisa was a friend of, and introduced me to her friend, songwriter and performer Martin Thomas. He and I recently recorded this song, previously released on a cassette album called "Two  Chicks, No  Waiting"  by my then back-up vocalists  Susan McIntosh and Lisa Miles, several years ago and recently, Martin  visited Santa Fe with his lovely partner Helene and we recorded it again. Martin has this to say about the song and it's origins and lyrics.:Regarding the song "Norman and I were in Grand Junction, CO, and there was a woman who was tagging along with us for some time and a man of power commented "There she goes.She's the queen of the gypsy kings" and I wrote the song by the Colorado River where we were camping that night". Martin also notes that "I usually change the last chorus to "She's a butterfly... desert in the spring... moonlight in the morning" . This version was recorded recorded a few months ago at my home Santa Fe., New Mexico.  Ino longer even reach for perfection. I just ltry to reach the end of the song these days, LOL. I iked the general feeling of the music and this particular recording. I hope you like it too. 


“The Queen of the Gypsy Kings” words and music by Martin Thomas
In a small town of Missouri she awakened and a warm October moon gave her a kiss her daddy was a baptist preacher and he tried to raise his baby 'bible strict' but oh, oh she's a whippoorwill and oh, oh she's the sunshine on my skin and oh, oh she's a mountain in the morning she's the queen of the gypsy kings I ran into her up in Colorado where the magic of the land made me stand still I listened for the voices of the unknown in a place where those who never sometimes will (chorus) that raven flies to freedom when she's frightened and she listens for direction from the wind that sun beats hard on bottle battered bodies so we opened up and took that gypsy in