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From the recordings LIES, LIES, LIES and 909

I just found this unreleased copy of a cassette album,'909' recorded in 1986, just after my move to Austin in 1984.The Daddycats here are Leo King, Harmonica and electric guitar, Larry Allen on bass, Deb E. Dee on piano, keys and guitar, and all vocals, and Noah Ramirez on drums. It was produced by me(Deb E. Dee) and David Johnson, the recording engineer. I had thought it lost forever after the original analogue 16 track master tape disintegrated during a last ditch effort to save it, and I thought all was lost, but what should turn up but an old cassete in the Austin Salvation Army Thrift Store bin, and here it is, digitalized. It sounds a little funky due to the source, but I would like to explore some modern technology to bring it as close as possible to the original sound. It was recorded at Keylight Studios in a garage in South Austin.


Lies, Lies Lies copyright1984 by Deb E. Dee You've got a strange look In your eyes. You've got some stranger alibis And you've got some perfume Never lies;never lies, lies, lies. Yeah, she's done some things to To you this time! She's got just one thing On her mind; And you're drining my e- Econoline Where she lies, lies lies. You don't like fast cars, Candyman, No, but you like my motel Hotel van. And after the last bars Dress you down like a sham You've got lies, lies lies Lies, lies les lies lies OOOhhh Instrumental Just give me your spare Change. Don't give me no leads. I'm too wet to burn, babe. You're gonna get steamed By the fire on our heads now Every time I believe All your lies, lies, lies. You tell me it's true; I get what I need. You tell me my daddy Will take care of me And you'll hurt when you Cut me And you'll bleed when I bleed Bloody lies, lies lies; Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies Whoooaaaaa...................