From the recording IT'S ALL UNRAVELLING

The song tells it.


Words and music by Deb E. Dee

Am G#M G E7
People, people- doncha worry;
Am G#M G E7
Don't be in such a hurry.
Am E7 Am
It's just your mind unravelling.

Am G#M G E7
Preacher, preacher- doncha see?
Am G#M G E7
Whatever you might believe-
Am E Am
Thank heaven it's all unravelling!
Dm Am
But it could be just what we need.
Dm E E7
I am so due for a re-weave!

Dot padio.
Am G#M G E7
Hot candy in lemon yellow-
Am G#M G E7
Look up , you lucky fellow
Am E7 Am
It's just the sun unravelling.
Am E7
I'm out in the world today
Am E7
and all that I've got to say is
Am E7 Am
Like crazy it's all unravelling.
Dm Am
But it coulsd be just what we need;
Dm Dm7 E7
Excuse the mess but please don't leave-


(Random scat -chords same as verse..... Two)

Two pieces of all that is-

We don't care what time it is

'Cause this time it's all unravelling.

If you happen to let it go....

don't stop it; just let it roll-

This ball of life unravelling.

you bet, these cats are gonna playBefore we wind it up


Hotchieooliebama...(more random scat to end:) hey!