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From the recording FLYING

This song was written for my daughter, Sarai. It was a gift to me from the Enchanted Rock. It was first written as a poem around Easter, to mail to Sarai, who was over two hundred miles away, and I had not seen my daughter or talked to her in over two years. We had left Dallas as a family, but there was more violence in the Del Valley schools the children attended, and they returned to Mesquite, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, and communications with them were illegally cut off. I was very heart broken, for I had left Dallas to escape violence, and now was faced with this. I went out to Enchanted Rock to pray and meditate, and sat up on The Rock, pouring my heart out to the stones, who were the only ones to listen. I sang my best songs to the rocks, and returned home to Austin. Whenever I give to Earth Mother, as in the songs I sang on top of Enchanted Rock, I have found that she gives back bountifully in return, and sure enough, I soon had the words to this poem. Just as I reached the reached the very end of the poem, and put the period at the end of the last sentence, the phone rang. It was my daughter, Sarai.She said simply,"Mama come get me".I did, of course. The last line in this song is a direct quote from the great Chief Seattle, of the Dwamish Tribe in the Northwestern United States. He had said, "There is no death.Death is just a change of worlds." Sarai and I arrived back in Austin the day before Easter Sunday, and she,my friends and I celebrated with an all night music jam, although she as a child fell asleep in the early evening after her long journey, and Easter Sunday morning, as the sun rose, we sang this song; the music happening spontaneously. This song will be able to be downloaded from my website for free, forever. 


FLYING (Song of the Enchanted Rock) copyright 1986 by Deb E. Dee . She is flying; She does not need my wings. Oh, She tells me of her own: Tells me of her own Everytime the birds sing. She is in pain; She does not ask for mine, But if she sees me hurting, She won't avert her eyes. She is a lover 'Cause she is not so cold That she would Ask for my soul; She has one of her own. Bloomin' growin' dyin' cryin', Children in delight, In delight. The truth of our old women Behind the eyes of time. I need not  give my life to her; She asks it not of me. The gift of life is a gift, You see, Not rental property; And I will cherish this gift, You see For all eternity, "Cause death is Just a change; A change of worlds To me; A change of worlds To me. Fly, fly, Fly, fly, fly, fly, Fly, fly, fly , fly, fly, fly, fly Woe, fly, fly fly. Fly, fly fly,Woe, Fly, fly, fly.