From the recording BUFFALO RUN, BUFFALO RUN

'A true story- dark but hopeful, in what I hope is a truth -is -stranger -than -friction story told as it happened , for I couldn't have made this up if I had tried.


words and music by Deb E. Dee copyright by Deb E. Dee 2010

Well, the thunder cracked And the wind did blow
As the lightning struck the
Prairie of the buffalo.
they ran from the fire 'til they could run no more,
For they had plunged from the cliff to the canyon floor
Then the men took the Meat, and the
Bones and the hide, Because a broken-legged Buffalo cannot survive.
But the meat was good,
And the hides were warm,
And the tents kept the children from the
Gathering storm.
we made our camp up on Buffalo Run
and I knew this place like it had been my home
Here i came to die; but here i learned to fight-
Knowing nothing of the battle yet to come:
There were clues but i'm slow to understand


Buffalo Run, Buffalo Run....
The rocks tell the story Of the people, son,
Like a grinding stone
To fit a tiny hand,
And a child's tomahawk
That could kill a man.
Well, I live this life
In, the spaces in between
Where the world is empty
And the nothin' screams
Like the owl in the night
I't's the WHO I seek,
And some room
For my soul to breathe.
Then the devil came
Like a thief in the night
And he used a fallen woman Who was empty and blind
Like a puppetmaster,
In a thin disguise.
He was dressed as a
Woman in need.

So I let her in,
Like a long lost friend
Because that's
What I thought she was;
I'd known her
Way back then;
But there was no one home
Behind the eyes of stone
Except the devil
Who was wearin' her skin.

Then she stabbed me
In the back with a
Long sharp knife called
'The lies that she stuck
Into the back of my life'
And the water poured down through the broken sky.
In the distace I could hear my mother cry.

So everybody now, in your boats,
Because the cracks in the wall; you know
They will not hold
The water back, so let the water flow
As the Sky came tumblin' down.

Oh yes i live my life in the spaces in between
Where the world is empty and the nothin' screams
Like the owl in the night
It's the who I seek
And some room for my head to bleed

Oh yes i sail this ship called Buffalo run
High above the floods;
High above the fun
And i stay my hand when the demons come
'Cause i kill 'em then the Devil has won

But I'm t alone in this emptiness;
There's an Indian man who I call my friend.
He's a Giant of a man with an axe in his head,
And he lives in the spaces in between.

And the wnoman sees him and he does not lie
About the cost of the land
That she thought to buy
With the money from the guns;
With he money from the guys
Who put the axe through the skull of my friend that died


Buffalo run; Buffalo Run;
the rocks tell the story of the people , son
with a grinding stone to fit a tiny hand
and a child's tomahawk that could kill a man