"The Butterfly~Autobiographire" by Deb E. Dee

They couldn't see my beauty because their eyes were dirty

They couldn't hear my music because their ears were all stopped up with their dirty eyes.

They couldn't know my worth, because I am priceless, Standing on the corner for twenty yeasrs ,

Throwing songs out at passersby like handgrenades , mortars and the occassional atom bomb ,

I killed the facists .

The night George Bush stole the governors office , the victory celebration bought them out in droves.

In an orgy of self congratulation, some moneyed fool , full of drool, spit in my guitar case.

I was beaten.

Janis lasted eleven whole months in Austin . They voted her ugliest man on campus.

I died and went to heaven, and my ghosts torments my oppressors .

He looks like a huge Indian with an axe in his head.

This is what the land costs, that you think to buy with mere money, he says.

I never kissed one filthy ass, and I never will, but I have risen and I am as a butterfly with wings of fire.

I will fly, to light up this dark night.