hugewheeloffortune.pngIt is traditional for Rainbow Family to gather in a circle to meditate and pray for peace on the fourth of July, here in the states. It is an international gathering , and circles are formed on that day the world over.We had been observing silence according to Rainbow Family Tradition since midnight the previous night.We gathered at eleven AM, also a tradition, and held hands in a circle for silent prayer for one hour. At exactly 12 noon, just as we were to observe breaking of the silence, I felt drops of water. I looked up to see my friend Iris (Iris, by the way is also, and not co-incidentally, I believe, the name of an ancient goddess of the rainbow) crying and with the sun over our circle and the clouds all around, we all looked up to see this most beautiful circular halo rainbow directly over our prayer circle. Peace, Love and Organics, and Goddess Blessings to all. If  you are interested in of my artwork, please view the other work in the photo Gallery and if you choose to select one or more prints of my artwork for purchase I would be delighted to send you a signed and numbered copy of each on High quality photo paper. Each painting has a title, just enter that title and the quantity of prints you want of each into the respective text boxes, and thank you so much 

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