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(Deb E. Dee)
December 1, 2017
Deb E. Dee

This is a song that came to me up on the hill in Blanco County, close to the ancient medicine wheel there, about fifteen years ago. I hope it is good medicine for all. It's not that i don't understand that we live in a material world and need material things. I understand and accept that, but this is also a spiritual song. i believe that everything has a spirit, and that Earth Mother does too, and it is her that I sing about holding all men as brothers in her loving arms. I feel she holds us sisters in the same way , and all of us as best she possibly can, as her beloved children. Featuring Martin Thomas on harmony vocals

Sometimes it hurts 

To know the Truth.

This world is awesome 

This world is good. 

Whether we stay on

Or whether we go

We learn to love. 

We learn to know

She holds you my brothers 

In arms like a boat

that sails the stars.

How gently we float!

I'm out of excuses; 

Almost out of time. 

I have no desire 

To be partners in crime. 

You know you are loved. 

That's enough. 

That's always enough. 

Whether we stay on

or Whether we go-

We learn to love.

We learn to know