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(Deb E. Dee)
Words and music by Deb E. Dee

This song was written during one of our rare snowfalls here in Blanco County. We recorded it , myself and brothers Kent and Gerald Wison, the following year while trapped in the studio(Jeff Moeler's Audio Arts, next door to the Continental Club on South Congress in Austin).Congress Avenue was iced over,the area is hilly, and Texans in Austin do not usually have or need tire chains, so there was no way to go home. Gerald, the chief engineer for Deborah Marie Doolan and Chief Rock, and Kent, whose sweet and liquid guitar is also heard on 'Flying', recorded this Christmas song for fun, and one can tell in the hearing of it that we were somewhat 'lit' when doing this song, but we kept it anyway. Gerald Wilson is on keyboard percussion and bass, Kent Wilson is playing electric, and Deb acoutic guitar. So a very late, or a very,very early merry Christmas to you. - Deb

Rockin' in the Cold copyright 1997 by Deb E. Dee 1)Just keep a'rockin' In the cold; There's not a dream That you can't hold. The light of day Can warm your bones; A song of love can Warm your soul. 2)Once more I'm walkin' The white road. A Christmas song is All I know. We have the gift of Love; Come on and let it show. 3)I'm not afraid of What's to be - It ain't no good, to me. I started out a slave. I wound up livin' free. inst. break And like an apple pie, I feel so warm inside. Today my life is good. Today my love can't hide. So let the snowflakes fly - I pick my feet up high. They take me down To Dancin' Oaks; They take me up Into the sky. Repeat first verse and fade